Vishva Roopa

Holy one blessed me

“The enhanced vision, the Subtle hearing, the changeless Sivananda, the inseparable Unison, the doubtless devotion, the knowledge that comes in Nadanta State, all these States, the Holy one blessed me to enjoy.”

Just a read..

“ I reached my Sahasrara and found the Holy one seated there. Many do not know how to search for the Lord like this . I ascended from Mooladhara through Sushsumna to reach Brahmarandhra. There I witnessed the Swarupa of the Lord. The Divine darshan gave me the vision of the World.”
“After crossing the Nine stages (7 chakras & Nada & Bindu) , I reached the City of Siva and His consort, Sakthi and performed Puja to the Lotus feet with pure Wisdom.”

Tune your eyes to see HIM.

I fixed my attention on the Holy one, and his consort and was with the Holy one in Sahasrara, I merged with the shadow of the Divine and continued to introspect on the names of Holy one.”